HDPE Plastic

We Sell Clean Ready to Use Plastic Regrind for a Wide Variety of Uses

We Supply Various Grades of HDPE Plastic Regrind
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Special Services

  • We Sell HDPE Injection Grade

    The Characteristics of HDPE Injection Grade Provides Outstanding Quality in Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding Applications and Can Be Applied to a Wide Range of Products.

  • We Sell HDPE Fractional Grade

    Clean and Ready to Use Fractional Grade HDPE

  • We Sell HMW Grade

    High Molecular Weight Regrind provides High Melt Strength and Excellent impact properties, these Characteristics are the Resin of Choice when Producing Thin Films for Carrying Heavy Loads.

Special Solutions

If what you require is not on our list please call or email our office to see what else we carry.

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  • Our plastic regrind comes with a quality assurance guarantee
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