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The Mel Tech Story

Mel Tech was founded in 2004 from the humble beginnings of chasing a dream on the weekends. While piles of excess plastics were growing in landfills, we were working to turn those piles into marketable material.

Having a strong belief that there is value in everything and everyone, coupled with a business mentality allows us to view challenges not as barriers but as opportunities. This vision and direction has built Mel Tech from a small local company to the international manufacturer it is today.

Mel Tech is part of a new era of manufacturing that takes something old to create something new, with a conscious and sustainable decision to be a different kind of company.

Over the years we worked to perfect the recycling process and create innovative technology that ensures our materials survive high quality control testing.

The demand for recycled plastics grows as other manufacturers see the advantages of the durable recycled materials in making quality products.

We work with our vendors and customers commitment to the environment and believe in encouraging others to do the same.

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